Founder of StreetContenders

Santos "Little Thunder" Lopez is the founder/CEO of streetcontenders (LLC) trademark clothing line/copyrights.

Streetcontenders is a brand and lifestyle that was created to give less fortunate youth the opportunity to pursue their boxing dreams. A way off the streets, a way out. After all boxing was the main avenue that saved Lopez life. 

Struggling with the mean streets of the 334 Stockton street projects in Perth Amboy, NJ. In 1984, Mr. Lopez enlisted in the army national guards and graduated with honors serving his country - all without a high school diploma. He then joined Lucy center a boxing gym in his hometown. Santos had no idea where this journey would lead him. He was just happy to be off the streets the drugs and projects. Through his hard work and dedication people started to notice.

From the ages 18 to 24 , Santos was an amateur boxer until September 12, 1993 when his pride and joy Gabriella Nina Lopez was born. Right after her birth, Santos decided to turn professional. He did it so she could have a better life then he did. He wanted to make sure she received the education he didn't receive. She was his inspiration throughout his career.

As a professional boxer Santos "little thunder" Lopez worked up the ranks. His biggest victory came in November 18, 1995 when he scored a TKO technical knockout against former IBF world champion Eddie Hopson with 39 seconds left in the final 10th round. Hopson was 27-1 at the time. In 1996, Santos got ranked #4 by the (U.S.B.A) United States Boxing Association. That ranking led to a televised championship title for the USBA belt against John Brown from Atlantic City, NJ. The match was stopped in the 7th round by a controversial decision (cut under left eye). Santos came back to Perth Amboy, NJ as a hero and mentor even without the title. the people back home glued to their television sets that night all new he got a raw deal that night. 

That did not stop Santos. The outpouring of support only inspired  him to do more for his community. That led Santos to rent out space at smith and Madison in his hometown. He had over 200 members that he trained and kept off the streets.

Today Santos still works as an ambassador to his communities, always giving back! On November 14, 2019 Santos "little thunder" Lopez was inducted into the new jersey boxing hall of fame. A born contender not a pretender, role model and mentor.